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The number of people who use digital money and cryptocurrency is growing every day. People pay for the goods in online stores, carries out various payments and transfers by electronic money. Electronic money’s distinctive feature is that it can’t be faked as ordinary paper bills and you can’t release more than previously planned amount.

Where does the cryptocurrency come from? Cryptocurrencies mining is the obtaining of electronic money with the help of computer tasks, the codes blocks decoding and, as a result, the digital coins receipt.

Our PREMIER FINANCE company is engaged in the cryptocurrencies mining and investments in Blockchain, as one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century and achieved high results in its activities.


PREMIER FINANCE is an innovative company, which main activity is investing in Blockchain technology and such basic cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin and others.

We are the only one of its kind investment platform, which has an already operating business, founded by professionals experienced team. We have built a cryptocurrencies "mine" in the north of China with a total capacity of 23 PH/s while cooperating with Bitmain.

What was the reason to establish the company in China?

  1. Direct equipment supplies without delay at wholesale prices in connection with the territorial Bitmain plant proximity.
  2. Equipment guarantee and quality maintenance.
  3. The ability to easily increase capacity.
  4. Low rental prices and cheap electricity.

Today it’s rather difficult and expensive to get virtual money. Independent mining (this was possible at the beginning of Bitcoin emergence) is impossible. There are different ways of mining, but the best option is to create an ASIC-processors-based farm. Such equipment cost is very high. Our company is provided with the unique rates, we get the equipment at the best possible price. Our company has a powerful farm now, but we are going to increase our capacity.

Our company is also engaged in with investmenting in cryptocurrency – we are sure this is the right choice. Everyone knows that initial cryptocurrency rate has grown thousands of times over the past few years! And the cryptocurrency market capitalization has crossed the threshold of 400 billion dollars.

The demand for cryptocurrency is explained by the following advantages: high level of security; transparency of all operations performed; fast processing of transactions, no need to notarize transactions or conduct transactions via banks and other financial institutions.

We work 24/7, without days off and breaks in order to give our customers an opportunity to get a good profit.

Why do we need this?

At the moment, more than 1000 sets of ASIC AntMiner S9 equipment using the SHA-256 algorithm are working at our farm. We are increasing our capacities, expanding our activities and are ready to provide mutually beneficial cooperation. Each investor has the opportunity to successfully invest their financial resources. Lots of investors do not use great ideas due to the lack of time for analyzing the information flow and choose the right strategy for personal investments management.

Our experience allows investors to receive additional income from investing their savings in our company.

Advantages of cryptocurrency mining from the investment perspective point of view:

  1. Digital currencies are not supported by gold and they are not attached to any state.
  2. Technical software and miners are working because digital currencies have a high price only. It is formed in accordance with the system (miners) users number and it increases.
  3. The initial cryptocurrency price is growing all the time, it’s possible to argue that investing in digital currencies has excellent prospects and no risks.

It's time to invest for one single goal: business development and joining the world arena. Our task is to get into the TOP-10 Mining-Pulls and make a serious competition to such "giants" as AntPool, F2Pool, BitFury Pool and BW Pool. We offer you to grow and earn together with us.